What to do now you’re engaged

You said 'yes' !

First of all, HUGE congratulations! Getting engaged is such a happy time for a couple and those closest to them. However, it  also marks the start of your journey into the confusing world of wedding planning.

If it’s your first time being engaged, once the excitement’s died down you can be left wondering what to do, where even to start planning a big event that you’ll remember for the rest of your life…no pressure! Here’s our advice on what to do now you’re engaged:

Tell close friends and family first

Make sure you tell those who need to know first, before shouting about it all over social media. Think about relatives or close friends whose feelings might be hurt if they find out through Facebook rather than via a text or phone call

Insure your ring and make sure it’s correctly sized

A bit of a boring one, but nonetheless very important – you wouldn’t want to lose something so precious!

Enjoy being engaged!

Take pleasure in telling your proposal story, saying you have a fiancé and staring at your ring. You don’t need to dive head first into wedding planning right away (unless of course, you want to!)

Pop the Prosecco!

Gather together all your nearest and dearest for a good, old fashioned party! Soak up all the love and congratulations from those who mean the most to you both

Think about a date

You don’t have to set the date in stone just yet, but it is worth thinking about when you want to get married. Discuss with your partner whether you want a summer or winter wedding, indoor or outdoor, consider times when there might be conflicting events etc.

Discuss a budget

None of us really like talking about money. Yet in this case it’s completely necessary in order to move forward with your wedding planning. Your budget guides everything – the where, the when, the dress, so knowing it before you fall in love with somewhere you can’t afford is crucial

Consider possible venues

Your date can often hinge on the availability and pricing of a venue. If there’s a country house you’ve been dying to say ‘I do’ in, a church you’ve been dreaming of for forever, or a rustic barn you’re desperate to tie the knot at; ask about their dates and prices for different times of year

Gather inspiration

Save images on Instagram, pour over Pinterest, flick through some magazines. Let yourself daydream and lust after lots of online inspiration!

Relax and breathe

After all the engagement excitement and celebrations, you’re bound to feel a bit exhausted. You’ll welcome some quality time, just the two of you, where you can quietly appreciate how exciting and special a moment this is!

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