Storm & Paul – Our West Tower Story

Prior to booking

How did you hear about West Tower? 

West Tower has had a great reputation for years but we were initially hooked when we were looking for wedding venues in the North West and saw some pictures.

Which other venues did you visit and how did West Tower compare? 

We had looked at a couple but not formally visited, including Blue Coat and the Palm House in Sefton Park. When we started weighing things up – in terms of catering and venue dressing costs, exclusivity and setting – they just didn’t fit the criterea.

West Tower offers the whole package and allows you to relax on your wedding day. Their team of experts handle everything and you don’t have to worry at all!

What was on your ‘tick list’ of venue must haves? 

Somewhere exclusive and where guests could stay over as we have a lot of family from across the country.

How many times did you visit before booking? 

We visited once together and once with our mums before signing on the dotted line! We had only been engaged a month – we were just so sure about the venue. After we had booked so many people told us it was an amazing place – even my hairdresser who used to come when it was a restaurant! We knew we’d made the right decision.

Why did you book West Tower? 

The professionalism and setting. Everyone was lovely when we went along to the first open evening. Weddings can be stressful but I put my full trust in their team from the get go.

The grounds and house are gorgeous. It’s a blank canvas you can really make your own. We also wanted somewhere where guests could come, stay over and relax, as well as celebrate our big day.

Once you had booked

Did you visit an Open Evening or Showcase event? 

Yes, we went a few times in the two years between booking and actually getting married. The staff were so welcoming all the time. Their list of suppliers also really helped us. We were able to go along to open evenings and have a look round to really get ideas for the day.

How did your coordinator help plan your day?

I felt a bit sorry for Alex in the beginning because the questions where whirring though my mind but she was so helpful and patient. She was always on hand to answer anything and was really friendly. We couldn’t have asked for a better co-ordinator.

Did you attend a menu taste event? If so, what did you enjoy about it? 

We loved the menu tasting, the food was fantastic. We enjoyed the knowledge of the wine and the fact you got to taste everything before making a choice. We’re both big wine fans so this really helped.

Your big day

Can you Sum up your day in 3 words? Exciting, Magical, Fun!

Did you enjoy the food and drink served on your day? 

It was even better than the food served at the menu tasting!

Have you received feedback from your family and friends? 

Everyone really loved our day and we’re so happy. A lot of people commented on how good the food was and especially the service – so fast and professional even though there were more than 80 people to serve.

Kim got a special mention from a lot of people, especially on the top table. She couldn’t do enough for us.

Your thoughts on West Tower

West Tower really is worth every penny. They made our vision for our wedding come to life and understood every question and little niggle you might have – at the end of the day it was both of our first (and last!) time getting married and they calmly guided us through. 

Alex was always available via email and answered everything so promptly. When we arrived to West Tower the evening before and met Kim, she seemed to understand all our needs. I had been panicking about setting up the table plan and asking so much of the team, but she took it off my hands no problem and it looked amazing. She eventually sat us down when we had unpacked everything to take us through the day and just put my mind at ease so much. After that 20 minutes we felt like we could really start to enjoy ourselves.

I was so grateful (and probably tired and a little hungover) that I got a bit teary when we were 

leaving! We appreciated everything so much.

Would you recommend West Tower as a wedding venue? If so, please give 5 reasons why? 

Honestly I would shout it from the rooftops that it’s the best venue ever.

It’s exclusive and gives you and your guests the privacy you want for your whole day, or just your reception if you’re getting married in a church.

The staff are absolutely amazing, I really can’t praise them enough. From the barman to the co-ordinators, everyone is so attentive.

The ballroom is a blank canvas and can be dressed however you like.

The rooms are gorgeous.

The views are amazing and come in handy for pictures whatever the weather – it rained all day at our wedding, but some of the shots are still gorgeous

Is there a member of staff who stands-out for you? If so who & why?

Alex and Kim! They’re both unreal at what they do. They must do two, sometimes three weddings a week, but it’s as if yours is the first they’ve ever worked on. They’re so enthusiastic and friendly.

What would you say to someone who was considering West Tower for their wedding venue? 

Do it! It will be the best decision you ever make.

Next Open Day is: Tuesday 6th August 4-8pm, no appointment needed.