In Bloom: find the perfect flowers for your summer wedding

Now that summertime is here, as well as the days getting longer they’re also getting warmer (hopefully!) and weddings are plentiful.

With sunny, cloudless skies that allow you to make the most of the stunning gardens at your chosen venue, ceremonies set against the idyllic rolling hills of the countryside, not to mention countless outdoor photo opportunities; it’s not difficult to see why this time of year is such a hit with couples across the nation!

An added bonus is that many varieties of flower are fully in bloom and at their most beautiful over the summer months. Flowers have the power to elevate a room and transform a space entirely…so getting them right is key!

Hydrangea, Peonies, Roses, Snap Dragons & Thalespie.

Hydrangea, Peonies, Roses, Snap Dragons & Thalespie.

And choosing them can be a little daunting, especially when you don’t know your Dahlias from your Daisies. Then there’s your wedding theme and colour scheme to consider. Do you match your bouquets to your bridesmaids’ dresses? Do you go bright and bold, or opt for soft, pastels that match your more muted wedding colour palette?

Luckily, during summer there’s a whole array of colours to choose – from pale pink peonies to vibrant yellow sunflowers. Plus a whole host of gorgeous wildflowers for that ‘straight-from-the-garden’, rustic feel that are romantic yet subtle, really allowing your venue speak for itself.

We’ve created a list of some of our summer favourites to help you narrow things down.

Summer flower varieties


A seemingly everlasting favourite among brides, and well – everyone! Peonies are said to symbolise good health, happiness and prosperity; making them the perfect for your special day!


Stocks are gorgeous and slender, ideal for adding height to any floral arrangement.


Daisies work brilliantly with bold pinks, corals and yellow, as well as with softer blues, lilacs and whites, adding a pretty touch of English summer to your bouquets and centrepieces.

Sweet Peas

Add a touch of delicate fragrance by including sweet peas. Like stocks, sweet peas are perfect for giving height to your flower arrangement and will fill the room with their divine scent.


Classic, timeless and in their prime during the summer months. Regardless of whether your colour scheme is bursting with vibrant shades or muted pastels, there’s a rose for the occasion.


Sometimes referred to as ‘flame flowers’, Phlox have a beautiful summer fragrance and bloom in a stunning array of colours from early spring right through to the first frosts of winter.


If you’re wanting to incorporate a little texture to your arrangement, you might want to consider using dahlias.


Hydrangeas will bring volume to any vase or centrepiece – choose from pale pinks, baby blues or traditional whites.


Astilbe are light and fluffy; they grow in gorgeous pinks, peaches and blush colours, as well as red, white and burgundy.


Astrantia, with their delicate, starry shape are a great way to bring texture to your bouquet.


A relatively new trend, but a quirky, earthy option to add to buttonholes or to have dotted on tables.

Flowering Herbs

Herbs such as mint, sage, bay, and rosemary are all great options for adding a lovely scent and a touch of green. You could also incorporate these herbs into dishes or cocktails served on the day.

Many thanks to our recommended florist Flowerstyle by Laurie for allowing us to show his work.