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We are here to help in any way we can so if you do require any additional information, please contact our helpful team.

General FAQs

What time can we get access from on the day?

The Ballroom is available from 9.00am – please doublecheck with us / the Couple directly. None of the public areas will be available until 10.30am to be respectful to the previous days’ couple and their guests.

Where can we park?

You may park directly outside the front door to the main house whilst you unload only. Once you have finished, move any vehicles to the main car park but please do not block any access to other buildings.

What food is available for us?

This is something to arrange with the couple beforehand. We do not have an onsite café, bar or restaurant, we only order and prepare the food that our couple have pre ordered.

Photographers, videographers, and musicians who are on site all day tend to get a hot meal supplied for them by the couple (you will need to arrange this with them directly), served whilst the guests are enjoying their wedding breakfast. This also gives you a chance to have a little break and be back in time for speeches. Bands & DJ’s in the evening are often invited to eat from the evening food provided, but again, always best to double check with the couple to save any embarrassment.

Please let the couple know if you have any dietary requirements.

Do we have to provide our Public Liability Certificate?

The simple answer is yes, you must provide a public liability certificate before the wedding.

Can we store things at West Tower overnight?

As we are a very busy wedding venue, often with weddings every day of the week, the answer is sadly no. We would also hate anything to go astray, get broken or be taken by a guest from the previous days or the next day’s wedding. West Tower cannot take responsibility for any items left on site.

Wedding Cake FAQs

Can you store my wedding cake?

We cannot store wedding cakes in our fridges overnight as this breaks our Health & Hygiene regulations. All Wedding Cakes must be delivered on the day of the wedding. 

If, as well as, the wedding cake you are also providing a cake stand, this will need to be collected by 10am, the following morning. Alternatively, you can arrange directly with the couple to deliver this back to you.

Florists & Venue Dressers FAQs

What time can we begin dressing the venue?

The ballroom is accessible from 9am on the morning of the wedding.

All other areas will be available from 10:30am when the previous days guests have checked out. Please do not begin putting items elsewhere in the venue until after 10.30am to avoid these being mixed up with the previous days wedding items.

What time do we need to collect our items?

You can return on the same day if you wish (please check with us if the wedding has a 12am or 1am finish time).

Alternatively, any larger items positioned in the ballroom (such as light up letters or floral arch) need to be removed by 9am the following morning to allow the next weddings venue dresser to start setting up.

Any other smaller items such as vases / candelabra etc will be moved by our nights team into the Leather lounge for you to collect the following morning.

All items must be off site by 10am to allow the following day’s wedding to begin their set up.

Please note we are unable to store or mind any items left on site. Any items left after this time will be put outside the venue as unfortunately, we do not have any additional space.

Should you leave an items on site for a week it is possible that seven weddings and multiple venue dressers have been through our doors during this time. We have no way of monitoring what item belongs to each venue dresser so please collect you items promptly the following morning.

Do you allow candles or tealights?

Yes, we do but they must be in holders. A lot of our couples will request to have floating candles down the aisle, we do allow this, but it isn’t something that we recommend as water, carpet, glass, flames and lots of people taking their seats doesn’t always mix well so we recommend using artificial candles and no water for this. If you are providing real candles, please ensure you leave spares for the evening reception.

Where can we get water from?

Water is available from behind the bar in the ballroom. For outdoor ceremonies there is an outdoor tap behind the cottages – ask a member of staff to help you if you’re unsure.

Spillages should be dealt with immediately, please ask a member of staff for wet floor signs and cleaning utensils.

Will you move flower arrangements from the ceremony area to the meal area after the ceremony?

We are happy to move small arrangements for you eg, from the ceremony table to the top table. Larger arrangements, backdrops and additional decor will need to be moved by yourselves.

Do you have any ladders we can use?

For Health & Safety reasons we are not permitted to let you use our ladders – please bring your own.

Can we set up overnight/day before?

For Health & Safety reasons we are not permitted to let you use our ladders – please bring your own.

Does West Tower have any items that florists/venue dressers can use – vases, candles, pedestals etc?

We do include a few little extras that couples will have pre arranged with us, aisle carpet, post box, easels for the table plan, table numbers, cake stand & knife and Ivory linen.

General venue dresser information

Please do not use staples, screws, nails, glue or tape or attach anything to any woodwork or walls including the outside buildings. Please use cable ties, wire or tie items on with ribbon or string. Hooks are provided in the pagoda and along the porch at the front of the main house if you wish to hang fairy lights from them.

We kindly ask that you clear up after yourselves and leave all areas of our venue as you find it. If you are making large floral displays onsite, then please sweep up after yourselves or cover the floor. Ask a member of staff if you have any rubbish that needs to be discarded or take any unwanted items with you.

We are a busy site and ask that all items are collected before 10am the next morning. We do not have storage space to keep them on site, please note any items left on site beyond this time frame would be placed outside the venue.

Should you require dimensions of any areas within the venue please call for details.

Photographers & Videographers FAQs

Photo & Video FAQ

Our venue provides the perfect backdrop for the big day and you are welcome to take photos & videos from anywhere in the grounds – if you are unsure on the best areas, please speak to the Event Manager on the day.

You are very welcome to arrive early on the day or pop along to one of our monthly open evenings before the wedding date to have a wander round and get to know the site beforehand.

Group shots are best taken at the back of the main house on the stairs or at the front of the main house. The best time to do this is straight after the ceremony as guests are all together. Confetti shots are perfect and welcome in either location.

Confetti / Confetti Cannons/Sparklers/Smoke Bombs/Chinese Lanterns

We encourage all our couples to provide their own confetti, after all, it makes a great photo! We do ask that they bring real or dried flower petals only. Foil, paper and so-called biodegradable confetti is prohibited as it litters the site and is difficult to clean up before another wedding.

On occasion, some guests do bring their own confetti, we kindly request that if you see someone with anything other than fresh or dried petals you advise them that this is not allowed at West tower.

Because of this the use of confetti cannons inside or outside of the building is also strictly prohibited. Lots of our couples also bring sparklers for their evening reception and if this is the case the Event Manager will liaise with you when this will take place. Smoke bombs are allowed but they must be outside and away from the main building. We do not allow Chinese or sky lanterns.  


Inside our Main House

In case of bad weather, we have a variety of space inside our main house that is for photographs. The main staircase & the top section of the ballroom are ideal. Our bridal suite is a great backdrop for detailed dress shots, but we do ask that you don’t hang anything from the chandeliers.

Outside Space

You are welcome to take photos & videos anywhere in our grounds. The lawn, the meadow, the driveway and even Mill Lane are all perfect places for taking the perfect picture. We do ask that you DO NOT use any of the surrounding farmers’ fields, they may look inviting, but they do not belong to us and damaging the crops is not tolerated by us or them. Please respect the local hardworking farmers livelihoods and do not encourage guests to damage their crops.

DJ/Musicians & Bands FAQs

General Info

Please note a PAT safety certificate & public liability insurance will be required from all DJ / Band / Musicians prior to the wedding day.

When can we set up?

This depends on the individual timings of the wedding day. Please liaise with the couple as to set up times, our co-ordinators usually hold planning meetings around 3 months before the big day where all the timings will be confirmed.

Following the wedding breakfast, all guests will go downstairs to the cellar bar for an hour which allows time for the evening’s entertainment to get set up and to complete a sound check without any guests around. There are numerous power sockets around the ballroom. Please bring extension leads with you as we do not have any available on site. By law, there can be no trailing leads or cabling trailing on the floor. These should be covered and fixed with floor cable covers, no tape of any kind is to be used on any of our floors.  

Do you have restricted noise levels?

We do not have sound limiters however, after 10.00pm doors to the ballroom should be closed so music is contained. Please check with us or the couple for event finish times as this will vary.

How long do we have to set up?

Usually around an hour.

How much space is allocated?

You have a maximum of 15ft x 5 ft however, most only use 8ft x 5ft. Just remember, the more you bring the less space there is for the dancefloor.

Can we play live music outside on the terrace area?

Both our terrace areas and lawn are the perfect place for a bit of live music, either for pre or post ceremony drinks or for during the evening when we are turning around the ballroom for the evening reception. Any live music in outdoor areas must finish no later than 10:00pm to adhere to our licences. Please be aware that we don’t have a lot of power sockets along the outside wall of the building so you will need to provide extension leads and cable covers.

Where can we park?

You may park directly outside the front door to the main house whilst you unload your equipment only. Once you have finished, please move any vehicles to the main car park but please do not block any access to other buildings.

Where can we get changed or take a break?

You may get changed or take a break in our Leather Lounge as long as it is not being used by the couple or their guests. This isn’t a secure area, so any items are left at your own risk. We advise that you put any items such as flight cases back in your vehicles.

Confetti cannons?

We do not allow confetti cannons of any kind. Smoke machines & indoor fireworks are also prohibited.

Cars & Transport FAQs

Can we get a double decker bus or coach along Mill Lane and down the driveway?

Yes, you can get a bus or coach long Mill Lane and down the driveway, if you haven’t been to West Tower then we recommend that you visit the venue by arranging a suitable date with our team, when there is no wedding taking place.

Fireworks FAQs

Can We Use Fireworks?

Indoor fireworks are prohibited. Outdoor displays can only be prebooked via the couple with our recommended and approved supplier. If we are unaware of any displays or your display is not booked with our approved supplier, you will not be permitted to set off your firework display.

Additional Extras FAQs

Photobooths, chocolate fountains, bouncy castles, fireworks, singing waiters, sweet carts, light up letters, bucking broncos, mini golf, arcade machines – if you can think of it, the chances are we’ve dealt with it. If you need any information regarding anything you maybe supplying for a wedding here at West Tower then please do not hesitate to give us a call. 

For any additional items being brought on site at West Tower the below would apply:

No tape/sticky pads to be used to secure items to floors (or walls).

Do not drag items across the floor, all items should be carried or be on trolleys (provided by you, the supplier), this includes our tables and chairs, if you need to move them ask.

Dancefloors & Staging should be placed on protective matting (provided by you, the supplier).

Any heavy items such as floral arches, photo walls, any external tables or stands must be weighed down by their own base or placed on protective matting – these must not be taped to the floor in any way.

Speakers or any other such items must be on their own stands with cushioned base/feet.

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West Tower Team Members FAQs

Wedding Co ordinators: contacts pre wedding will be Maria Broderick & Zara Abraham who take responsibility for our weddings from the initial booking to the day prior before they hand over to our Event Managers below.

Event Managers: contacts on the day of the wedding will be Kim Halliday, Josie Smith or Sarah Dowling

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