West Tower was built circa 1875, by Edgar Musgrove, who purchased the land two years prior. Musgrove was a wealthy cotton broker, part of Liverpool’s thriving trade industry. For 150 years, the majority of Britain’s cotton came through Liverpool; arriving at the docks, where it was sent on to Lancashire’s textile mills, before returning back to Liverpool to be shipped across the globe.

During this period, the majority of wealthy merchants and cotton brokers lived in very fine houses in Liverpool and the surrounding countryside. Due to its secluded countryside location, it is likely that West Tower acted as a real sanctuary for Musgrove, away from his busy life in the city, as it does for our guests today.

country house wedding venue in Lancashire & Merseyside north west
Top landing & oak banister at West Tower
country house wedding venue in Lancashire & Merseyside north west


Many years later, West Tower was transformed from a grand family home to a boutique hotel and restaurant. It remained this way for around 15 years until 2010, when the property was bought by its current owner, Paul Bolton. Since acquiring West Tower, Paul has a made numerous changes to the site, including the addition of more bedrooms and an extension to the ballroom, as well as multiple refurbishments. Paul closed the restaurant in 2012 to focus solely on weddings and private functions, transforming it into the award-winning exclusive venue it is today.

Paul, along with his wife Laura – who is responsible for the interior design of all the rooms, are continually working to improve the customer experience at West Tower. The most recent development has been The Stables which was completed in October 2019. The Stables house our brand-new bridal dressing room, The Cristal Suite, as well as an additional 9 guest bedrooms.

West Tower have just acquired a further 2 acres of land adjacent to The Stables, offering another stunning photograph location for our couples, and paving the way for more interesting development opportunities.